Here you can find all the information on the Algarve railway line train.
Unfortunately not all trains are accessible to handicapped and disabled people, not allowing them to travel to all train stations in the Algarve.

There is a service, SIM - Integrated Mobility Service, which is an optional service, orientated to serve Clients with Special Needs (CNE), operating from a phone line - 707 210 746 *(707 210 SIM) available 24 hours per day, every day of the year, for informations aswell as for the service itself.
Through this service, the Client with Special Needs may obtain informations on what CP - Comboios de Portugal has to offer (portuguese railways) in what concerns:

- trains and stations accessibility;
- accessibility to equipments;
- commercial conditions;
- other services orientated to this Client;
- other information points or suggestion sending;
- assistance service on boarding, in the train and stepping out;
- helping to plan the trip, offering the best comfort and safety conditions;
- asking for assistance boarding, in the train and stepping out;

Unfortunately the use of this service has a cost of 0,10 €/min - regular phone line | 0,25 €/min - mobile phone line + VAT, and it has to be requested at least 24 hours in advance, does not include luggage carrying nor the assistance on basic life activities; and the satisfaction of the assistance request before and after the trip is limited to the train stations that allow SIM to operate. See "Condições de Utilização" / "Terms of Use" avaliable on PDF on the "Download" button below the map.

In what concerns the using of trains, only Alfa Pendular allows its use in wheelchair. Nevertheless, if you are able to displace autonomously, you may travel on any train. Further details on the following sections.


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Accessibility 2/10
Location Algarve - Algarve



The railway line in Algarve connects Vila Real de Santo António on the east end to Lagos on the west. Midway, in the small town of Tunes, there is a junction with the line going north, to Lisbon and Porto, the major cities in the country, and where the main airports are located. 

Special Rates

2 for 1 Fare

It is an agreement celebrated between CP – Comboios de Portugal (Portuguese Railways) and the INR – Instituto Nacional para a Reabilitação, I.P., (National Rehabilitation Institute), with the goal of minimizing the mobility difficulties felt by individuals of conditioned mobility. This agreement allows the people escorting handicapped or disabled users with an 80% or over 80% discapacity to travel for free in the same train, on the same route and on the same class.
The fare agreement is valid on 2nd Class / Touristic Class on the Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional, and Inter-Regional services.
To be able to benefit from this discount, the Clients with Special Needs must present the "Atestado de Incapacidade Multiuso” (Multiuse Incapacity Certificate) or the “Cartão de Deficiente das Forças Armadas” (Armed Forces Handicapped or Disabled User Card) certifying their degree of incapacity, aswell as their ID card. The presented documents must be the original or authenticated copies.
It is the person travelling with the handicapped or disabled user that is entitled to the gratuity of the transport fare, on the same route and class (this person can not be considered as such, if also in possession of a handicap that does not allow him/her to provide the help needed to the handicapped user).

25% Discount

This discount is a result of a protocol established between CP – Comboios de Portugal (Portuguese Railways) and the INR – Instituto Nacional para a Reabilitação, I.P., (National Rehabilitation Institute) which has discounts of up to 25% on railway tickets by presenting the Cartão do Deficiente" - "Handicapped or Disabled User Card".

This discount is valid on the long distance services (Alfa Pendular and Intercidades) and regional service (Regional and Inter-Regional), in 2nd Class/Touristic Class.
The people holding an incapacity of or over 60% and low income.
The card can be obtained at the CP ticket offices (Long Distance and Regional) and is valid fot two years.
Este desconto é válido nos serviços de longo curso (Alfa Pendular e Intercidades) e regional (Regional e Inter-Regional), em 2ª classe/Turística.

The Armed Forces Handicapped or Disabled Users are not included in this protocol, once they already benefit of specific discounts.

Alfa Pendular

This train is the only one prepared for the transport of people in wheelchair. It circulates only on the Northern Line and on the Southern Line connecting Faro. Its access is made by using an elevatory platform, and the dimensions inside allow the passage of a wheelchair to the specific seats. The seats are roomy and allow to execute the tranferring to the train seat, while the wheelchair will be placed nearby in a proper place, properly attached.
There is a fully equipped toilet for the use by handicapped or disabled users.

Inter Cidades

The Inter Cidades train is a service that covers only a part of the Algarve railway line, only connecting the line going north to Lisbon to the city of Faro. Even though it has the same route as the Alfa Pendular, the travel time is longer and with many more stops along the way.
Its access does not allow the transport of people in wheelchair due to the dimension of the entrance door, aswell as the height of the steps to climb aboard. Inside the dimensions are very small and do not allow the passage of a wheelchair.
In case you wish to travel from or to Faro from or to the Northern Line, it is recommended the use of the Alfa Pendular train service.


The Regional train service is the only one that circulates on the Algarve line from one end to the other. Unfortunately it is not prepared fot the transport of people in wheelchair. To access the train you have to overcome three very high steps and a quite narrow door. Inside, the dimensions are small and there is no special seat destined to wheelchairs.
It is only recommended for those able to displace autonomously.