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If you are driving your own or rented vehicle to travel in Algarve, here is a tool that may be very useful when it comes to parking.
Here you will find a data base with the existing parking spots for handicapped and disabled people, in Algarve. Through GPS, you will easily find the spot that is closer to you.
It works with TOMTOM GPS and Google Earth.
To be able to use these parking spots it is necessary to obtain the official dystic issued by IMT (Transports and Mobility Institute)



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Location Algarve - Algarve


handicapped parking

All vehicles can use the parking places reserved for handicapped or disabled users, as long as the person using the car holds the official european badge. 
You may use your country's badge to use these parking places in Portugal.
You may also obtain the badge addressing a request to IMT (Transports and Mobility Institute), in case you are considered as a handicapped or disabled individual.

Law Decree Nº 307/2003 - A handicapped individual is the person who, by means of lesion, deformity or disease, congenital or acquired, has a motor handicap in what concerns lower or upper limbs, of permanent character, in a level equal or over 60%, evaluated by the National Handicap Scale (Tabela Nacional de Incapacidades), approved by the Nº 341/93 Law Decree, of September 30, as long as that handicap keeps you from normally, in a proven way:

a) Locomoting on public spaces without help from other people, without other means of compensation, namely prosthetics and orthosis, wheelchairs, crutches or walking sticks, in the case of a handicap concerning the lower limbs;
b) Acceed or use conventional public transports, in the case of a handicap concerning the upper limbs.



Tomtom GPS

Through the data base available on this site, you can install this on your TomTom GPS, obtaining the location of a large number of the existing handicapped or disabled users' parking places in Algarve.
Whenever you wish to park on these places, all you have to do is go to "Ponto de Interesse - Estacionamento Deficientes" and the closest parking place will be indicated, aswell as the distance and the directions on how to get there.
It was not possible to obtain the location of all the existing parking places, because some of the municipalities did not grant access to this data.

If you wish to use this service, please download the file *.zip on the button below on the location map and follow the instructions constant on the VER ANTES.txt file, inside the TOMTOM file.


Google Earth

In case you wish to visualize the location of the handicapped or disabled users' parking places through Google Earth, you may do so through the file available for download next to the location map below.
Inside the file *.zip you will find two files, TOMTOM (to be used on TOMTOM GPS) and Google Earth (to be visualized through Google Earth).
Inside the Google Earth file you will find the file to be used and the LER ANTES.txt file with the users instructions.