Travelling by airplane to Algarve, using the Faro airport, you can use the service My Way, existant on all portuguese airports.
It is a personalized assistance service to handicapped and disabled passengers travelling on a EU member state.
It consists on the assistance of a trained professional, who will guide you with priority status, from the moment the service starts until boarding the airplane, assuring total assistance.
On this service, the passenger may be accompanied by another person.


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Accessibility 9/10
Location Aeroporto de Faro - Faro


My Way

A steward will provide you with personal and luggage assistance: on check-in, on safety control, border control and boarding control, allowing you to not waste time, or risk getting lost along the way to your boarding gate.
This assistance does not keep you from going shopping on the free-shop, being possible to arrange a meeting point with the steward, giving the passenger time and freedom to do his shopping at ease. At the time agreed the service will be re-activated.
During the way to the airplane, according to the resources and the passenger's physical condition, you will be able to use the following services to get to the airplane: van, ambulift, jet bridge or wheelchair. 
These transport aids may be checked on the following items.


Activate My Way

The My Way service is offered to all handicapped or disabled passengers as long as it is requested in advance, with the flight reservation, and with no further cost for the user.
The My Way service must be requested to the airline or its agent, as the reservation is made, up to 48 hours before the scheculed departure time.
After providing all informations concerning your condition and needs, the airline has the duty of informing the involved airports which will assure the needed assistance.
On the day of your flight, you must be present 2 hours earlier at the DEPARTURES section. There are several points by the accesses where the service may be requested.
Each access point has a telephone number that will immediately be answered, and all you will have to do is identify yourself.
Within a moment, a My Way steward will come to you to guide you on the whole boarding process.
In case you proceed from another airport, the service has to be activated in the same way and, as you land, the My Way service will be waiting for you.
On leaving the airplane it is up to the airline, or its agent, to notify the Airport of the need for the My Way service. This way, the passenger will be escorted from his seat in the airplane to the Designated Arrivals Point.
This path includes the luggage picking up until the arrival on the outside of the airport, next to the transports' access.


Airport Shuttle

This service shall only be used when the path to the airplane has to be made on the runway. Only then shall the handicapped or disabled passenger make this path using the airport van.
On the path to the airplane, if that is the case, the passenger will remain on his own wheelchair, climbing aboard the van through an elevatory platform, being then driven to the airplane entrance or ambulift.


Airport finger

This is a device that connects the airport terminal to the airplane, allowing the passengers to acceed the airplane through a sort of tunnel, granting protection from wind and rain, without any barrier whatsoever. In the case you are using your own wheelchair, once you arrive by the airplane, you will have to switch to a specially dimensioned airplane wheelchair, being your wheelchair loaded in the luggage compartment.



Whenever it is not possible to use the airport finger, a vehicle with an incorporated lift will be used.
The passenger gets in the vehicle which then will lift the him/her to the airplane's entrance, in the same way a regular lift would do, granting access to the cabin.
For the displacement inside the airplane a special airplane wheelchair will be needed. - which is provided on the My Way service.


Plane wheelchair

Due to the limited circulating dimensions inside the airplane, a special wheelchair has to be used. The passenger will have to be transferred to this chair, being helped in the process by the trained stewards, and from this chair onto the airplane's seat. The personal wheelchair will be carried with the remaining luggage and shall be returned after the arrival. After the flight, on the airplane's exit, the trasferring to your personal wheelchair will take place.

Important Note:
In case the passenger is able to walk by himself for a few metres, and that is his/her intention, some of these steps may be simplified.