The Zoomarine is a thematic water park that takes you on a trip of fun and fantasy, discovering the mysteries of the oceans.
An excellent place to spend a fun day with all the family!

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Accessibility 7,5/10
Location Zoomarine - Guia



Next to the park's entrance you will find several parking places for handicapped or disabled people.
Its using has the downside of, if you are driving, having a cable suspended on the access, which is there to avoid its unauthorised use. 



From the parking lot and throughout the visit you can find different types of pavement, such as tarmac (by the parking lot), ceramic tile, portuguese style cobblestone, cement and wooden boardwalk.
In the restaurant area there is a plastic pavement. There are no physical barriers on all of these areas. Yet, help from others is recommended, in case you displace yourself on a manual wheelchair, due to the excessive slope in some places.



All Zoomarine's disabled users' toilets present no difficulties whatsoever on access, even for those people on wheelchair, with enough room inside to move in a full circle if needed.
These facilities are provided with helping bars for transfering from the wheelchair onto the toilet.


Spread throughout the park you can find several restaurants where you can have your meals. All restaurants are free of physical barriers, allowing you to circulate to the counter and tables' area without problems.


Marine Animals


Beauty, tenderness, speed and magic.
In a representation of dream and fantasy, some amusing, acrobatic and surprising behaviours are staged, something only possible due to an enduring and trusting relationship between the training crew and these magnificent ocean ambassadors.
The access is free of physical barriers, and on site there are special reserved places for handicapped or disabled users in wheelchair. From this spot you can enjoy a panoramic view, with full visibility into the pool and the amphitheatre.

The pirate ship and the tropical island are the starting point to a memorable adventure in an imaginary and very amusing world.
The dream world coreography alludes to everybody's everyday situations, finishing on a stimulating and happy ending, aiming to change people's behaviours on behalf of a greater environmental protection.
There are no obstacles to circulation, with reserved places for wheelchair spectators.



Presentation of birds

Tropical Birds Presentation
Macaws, cockatoos and parrots reveal their colours, sounds and other secrets of our magic forest.
The environmental awareness and the need to protect habitats and species, with particular emphasis on rainforests, is the major aim of these areas.
The show site has no physical barriers on its access, and the spectator may be seated on his own wheelchair on the central passageway or, in case you are able to displace autonomously, you may take one of the seats in the audience.

Predator Birds Presentation
The graceful flight and the beauty of the predator birds.
In this presentation we can admire the fastest species in Nature.
An extraordinary exhibition, where falcons, eagle owls and eagles display potent and agile flights, in a rare moment of beauty and emotion.
Located in open air, this area is provided with stands for the audience.
People with conditioned mobility may take their seats in the front row, or seat on their wheelchair in the proper places, in case this should me more comfortable.

Americas - Immersion Habitat
This is an area where the visitor enters a place where the animals are free, where they may interact with the visitors.
It is a relatively small circuit, which can be done with no major difficulties.



Baía dos Piratas

Acrobatic show in an environment out of the pirate's era.
On the stands there are places exclusively reserved for handicapped or disabled people.


Zoomarine Beach

The Zoomarine beach is a place of aquatic fun, where you can find a wave beach surrounded by thin white sand, water slides, swimmimg pools and an aquatic playground.
The wheelchairs can acceed the beach through an entrance without the feet washer tank. Unfortunately there is no special chair to allow handicapped or disabled people to go in the water.
The water slides are not allowed to children under 1.20m.



Children's Train
Turnstile entrance. For children with height between 0.90m and 1.30m.

Pirate Ship
Access reserved for people over 1.30m.
Only accessible to people able to displace themselves (marching) autonomously.

Mini Rollercoaster
This is a rollercoaster shaped as a buffallo. Not allowed for children under 0.90m, having the children over 0.90m and under 1.05m to be accompanied by an adult.
Not accessible to people that are not able to displace themselves (marching) autonomously.
Access with physical barriers, namely a flight of stairs.

Typical Carroussel
Unique sensations both for children and grownups.
It has some physical barriers on its access, only accessible to people able to displace themselves (marching) autonomously.
Children under 0.90m only allowed when accompanied by an adult.

Giant Wheel
A panoramic view over the park.
Its access has some physical barriers, only accessible to people able to displace themselves (marching) autonomously.
Children under 1.30m only allowed when accompanied by an adult.




Harakiri and Waterslides

There are two waterslides in the thematic park, Harakiri and the beach slides.
Unfortunately these equipments may only be used by people able to displace themselves (marching) autonomously, due to the waterslides' accesses and exits.



A fascinating and pedagogical trip to the era of the magnificent giants that lived on Earth millions of years ago!
Guided by an explorer, the visitor discovers the fascinating world of the dnosaurs through a recreated forest full of visual and sound effects.
The whole path is accessible, without mobility problems for the visitor, by foot, on wheelchair or with a baby trolley.

An educational visit to the fascinating marine universe. To admire, understand and feel!
A pedagogical area with more than 20 ecosystems, distributed according to the central theme.
Along the way there are some oversloped ramps, but with help from others these are easilly surpassed.
For the regular visitors there are no physical barriers whatsoever.

Discover some of the main conservationist and scientific projects developped and/or supported by Zoomarine.
It is our conviction that our future depends on a bigger awareness by the populations of the need to preserve and protect our Planet.
A space of recognition of the effort, endeavour and importance of the several institutions involved in these projects.


Cinema 4D

A film screened in 4D, about the life of a turtle.
A film full of sensations and virtual reality.
The path to the screening room is free of physical barriers to mobility. Inside the room, the viewer may take a designated regular seat, if he/she is able to displace autonously (marching). If the viewer is using a wheelchair, he/she may watch the show sitting on the wheelchair.