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The Lagos zoo is located next to Barão de São João, close to Lagos. It is a very well taken cared of thematic park, with a natural look to it. An excellent place to visit and spend the day with friends or family.

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Accessibility 7/10
Location Estrada M535, Zoo de Lagos, Barão de São João - Lagos



The Lagos Zoo is a thematic park with an area of 30 000 m2 with 150 species living there.
In order to host the visitors with all the comfort needed, there are several services available, such as a restaurant, bar, pic-nic park, children's playground and toilets, all that to make your visit as pleasant as possible.
During the visit you may find some of the animals loose outside, interacting with the visitors.

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Next to the park's entrance, there are 2 parking places reserved for disabled people.


The Lagos Zoo is home to a big number of species. For each species there are cages or areas recreating each natural environment.
On some of those areas there are specific places for the visitor to observe the animals, thought in order not to disturb them aswell as giving the visitor a better view.


In order to allow both animals and visitors to feel integrated with the surroundings, the park was built to look as natural as possible, using the local materials. So, apart from the buildings' area, the ground is mostly made of dirt. Even though it is a natural ground, you can walk without major worries, even using a wheelchair.
Some of the paths may be narrow when using a wheelchair, but you will easily find an alternative to get to the same place.
On the accesses to the buildings (ticket office, bar, toilets) there may be small obstacles on the union of the different types of ground, but easy to overcome.


In the park there is a toilet for the exclusive use of disabled people.
On the access to the building there is a small obstacle, if you are using a wheelchair, mas it will be easily overcome. The toilet is provided with helping bars for the transfer operation, being its dimension enough to be used on a wheelchair.

Snack bar

When you visit the park, you may enjoy a meal on the restaurant located outside next to the park, or during your visit on one of the existing snack bars. On each of the latter you may find tables in the shade.