Paramotor Flyalvor


Flyalvor is a paramotor school located in Algarve.
Other than instruction, users can have flight baptisms as passengers, also being prepared for disabled and handicapped people.
Its instructors are certified by Federação Portuguesa de Voo Livre (Portuguese Free Flight Federation), complying the equipment used with all safety regulations.

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Accessibility 7,5/10
Location Campo de futebol, praia de Alvor - Alvor



The handicapped or disabled people may enjoy the paramotor flying experience, performing a flight in an equipment able to carry two people aboard. This equipment is called "Trike" and is adapted in order to hold your legs in case you are not able to do it by yourself.
The "Trike" has comfortable seats and seatbelts so you may fly comfortable and safe.
If you use a wheelchair, in what concerns the transfering to the "Trike", the height is almost the same, and there is an arch overhead where you can hold yourself. The pilot is at your entire disposal to help in every way needed.
In flight, the upper limbs are free, so you are able to use your photographic or filming gear, if you wish; or just simply enjoy the view.




Flying sites

Due to the weather conditions, especially the wind direction and intensity, it may not be possible to fly everyday. This way, the flight zone is subject to be changed, aswell as the flying schedule for the acivity.
When you make the reservation, the pilot will tell you, according to the forecast, the best place and time to the experience or flight baptism.
To see the more likely flying places, please go to "locais de voo" (flying places).


The cost of the experience is 60 €  with a duration of 15 / 20 minutes of flight.
If you wish to have a longer experience, or another type of service, as aerial film coverage, please ask for a detailed budget through our contact, concerning the place to be flown, the time needed for the job or the desired days.
Within one day time you will receive an answer to your request.