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The goal of Adapted Sailing is to promote the practice of sailing by disabled people, creating the material and human conditions for the accessibility and social integration of the users, emphasizing the training of all those involved aswell as those who accompany them. In Algarve, Adapted Sailing can be practiced at Portimão, within the Vela Solidária project.

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Location Marina de Portimão - Portimão


Vela Solidária

The Vela Solidária's adapted sailing is set at the Portimão marina, and may be practiced by those holding a physical handicap.
There are several types of boat, which can be autonomously sailed by disabled users, being the boat chosen in accordance to the specific situation and clinical status of the user.
There is also a crane to transfer the sailor from the wheelchair into the boat.
On the moment of the reservation you should inform about the sailor's clinical situation.


On the adpted sailing there are different types of boats, from dinghy sailing (paralympic class ACCESS 2.3 and ACCESS 303) to cruise boats.
To get in the boats  you do not need to worry because there are two cranes available which allow, in case you are on a wheelchair, to get onboard in full safety.
The dinghy sailing boats (smaller boats) are recommended for those who wish to sail individually, whereas the cruise boats are recommended for groups, where each person has a specific task as crew member.


In the marina's surroundings and on the activity area, the pavement is made using the typical portuguese cobblestone, by the disabled users' parking places. From this point to the area where the boats are, the pavement is made of smooth concrete, without any obstacle whatsoever for those using a wheelchair.
The access to the quay is made by a wooden ramp, varying the slope according to the tide. The access to the bosats is made using a crane, in case you are not able to transfer yourself autonomously.


There is an adapted toilet for the exclusive use of the adapted sailing.
It is a toilet provided with all aids (rails etc) on the toilets and bathing chair, in case you wish to take a shower after sailing.


By the quay access where the boats and the cranes are, you will find two disabled users' parking places. Unfortunately these places are inside a paid parking lot, although the first hour is free.


Duration of activity 2:30

2.3 Access (1 person who knows how to navigate) - 35 €

Access 303 (2 persons (one with knowledge of navigation or instructor + student) - € 60

Cruise (Cork 1720) (up to 5 persons) - € 125