Salgados Beach


Praia dos Salgados, Salgados' Beach, is located in the Albufeira county, close to the Salgados lagoon. It is renowned for its stretch of beach along a coastal lagoon used by migrating birds, occasionally being possible to watch some species that breed nearby.

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Accessibility 7/10
Location Praia dos Salgados - Albufeira



Praia dos Salgados is located on the Albufeira municipality. It is a highly sought after beach because of its huge sand areas and the nearby coastal lagoon that atracts hundreds of migratory birds.


Near the beach access there's a parking lot with 2 spots for handicapped and disabled users.


There are reserved parking spots for handicapped and disabled users on the beach parking lot. The flooring is on compact sand but in some places it's loose and making the circultion difficult.
To reach the beach and its facilities there's a ramp but the floor is on soft sand which can make a wheelchair to get stuck so sometimes help will be needed to cross this obstacle. On the beach there's a plastic carpet which allows easy access to the ocean.


The adapted public toilets are located on the beach facilities and have all the required space and equipments for handicapped and disabled users.

Beach Chair

There's 1 beach wheelchair for handicapped and disabled users and it has to be used with help of a relative or from the service lifeguard. On the water you can exit the bathing chair and swim freely.