Rocha Baixinha Beach Thai


The Rocha Baixinha beach is also known as Vilamoura's Falésia beach. The access to this part of the beach is made next to the Marina's and CIMAV nautical club shipyard entrance gate, crossing a pedestrian bridge over the Quarteira brook.

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Accessibility 7/10
Location Praia da Rocha Baixinha Nascente - Vilamoura



Rocha Baixinha beach is also known as Praia da Falésia de Vilamoura. It has 2 entrances but the current analysis only on the one of the eastern side (acess in red - Zona 2 of the following photo). The nearest beach facilities are located on the "Thai" restaurant.
From this entrance you will have acess through a boardwalk to all the beach facilities and services. Here you have at your disposal a free beach tent reserved for handicapped and disabled users.
This entrance is not recomendes due the lack of reserved parking spaces for handicapped and disabled users.


Near this beach access there is a parking lot for handicapped and disabled users. It is recomended to park near the access as shown on the following photo.
You may also use the regular parking lot which is free for cars transporting handicapped and disabled users carrying the IMT distich. To obtain this distich you must go to the support centre of the parking lot or the beach reception and request it.



There are not any parking spaces for handicapped and disabled users near the beach access. You can park nearby or in the parking lot. The floor is in tarmac and a wheelchair can pass through the boardwalk, being the access to the beach easily done. The beach is well equipped with beach tents for handicapped and disabled users, adapted public toilets and all the beach facilities.



The closest adapted public toilet is located on the "Thai" beach facilities. It is a wide space and it has all the equipments for handicapped and disabled users.


Beach Chair

In this beach there is a beach wheelchair for handicapped and disabled users for free use. You must ask for it to the lifeguards. Unfortunately there is no boardwalk to reach the lifeguard post so you will have to ask for help in order to get there. The beach tents for handicapped and disabled users are also available on the lifeguard post.