Quarteira Accessible Beach


The accessible beach of Quarteira is located on the "Calçadão", the city's seaside boulevard. It is a sandy beach, with rock jettys on both ends, followed by other identical beaches. 

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Accessibility 5/10
Location Praia Acessível de Quarteira - Quarteira



Near the beach there are several parking lots bur there's the inconvenience of the distance to the beach and the dimensions of the existing ramps to get to the beach facilities. Near the lifeguard post there are 2 tents handicapped and disabled users and it is the place where the wheelchair normally is.


Near the beach there are several parking lots for handicapped and disabled users. From here you'll to travel nearly 200 meter on cobblestone to get to the beach entrance.


On the parking lot you will find tarmac flooring and on the path to the beach facilities (bar and toilets) is in cobblestone. To get to the beach facilities there are 2 very long concrete ramps to surpass.


If you are on the beach and need to use the toilets theys are 390 meters away (near the restaurant on the beach facilities) and on the way you'll find 2 long ramps to get through.

Beach Chair

On the western breakwater and near the lifeguard post there's 1 beach wheelchair for handicapped and disabled users it use can be asked for to the service lifeguard.