Maria Luísa Beach


Maria Luísa beach is located in the Albufeira county. The access is made through a path that is located in a residential area, but it is easy to find for there are signs to the beach.

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Accessibility 6/10
Location Praia Maria Luísa, Olhos de Água - Albufeira



Praia Maria Luísa is located near the village of Olhos de Água. The final acess to the beach is pedestrian but there's the exception for cars transporting handicapped and disabled people which can go to the parking lot that exists near the beach for this purpose.


The are 3 reserved spots for handicapped and disabled users near the beach. Although not identifyed they have enough space for parking and aren't mark on the floor because of the sand.


The adapted public toilets are located on the beach facilities. The dimension and the equipments are the minimum required for handicapped and disabled users.


By the parking lot and on the path to the beach, the ground is made of sand which makes it hard for people using wheelchair to move around.
To acceed the wooden path that stretches along the beach, you should be careful because there is a slight step and the ground is made of loose sand.
Once on the wooden path you will be able to go anywhere on the beach for it allows its use on wheelchair with no major problem.
The access to the beach facilities is made using a ramp.

Beach Chair

There's a beach wheelchair for handicapped and disabled users available and its use must be asked for to the service lifeguards present.