Fuzeta Beach (Sea)


Fuzeta Mar (Fuzeta Ocean) beach is located right in front of the town of Fuzeta, just across the Ria Formosa lagoon. It is a clean white sand beach of pristine waters.
To acceed the beach you have to take a short boat ride.

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Accessibility 5/10
Location Cais de Embarque (ilha) - Fuzeta



The access to this beach is made through a boat that it's available on a floating dock and the only obstacle is an existing ramp to the pier. To get into the boat you'll need help from the service sailor of the boat.
There are 2 beach facilities on boat side of the beach bur only the western one has free use services for handicapped and disabled users.


Next to the place where you board the boat to the island, there are two areas provided with disabled useres parking places.
From either one of these areas the access to the boarding quay has no problem whatsoever.


On the path to the beach you will finf several types of ground and obstacles.
By the parking lot there there is tarmac and portuguese lime cobblestone on the way to the boarding quay ramp. This ramp is made of wood, varying its angle according to the tide, making it sometimes harder to overcome.
Boarding is made with the boat close to the quay, with a 20cm height gap to be overcome on boarding. The boatman on duty will help and indicate the place where you should stay. On the beach the path is all made over a wooden carpet.


The existing toilets are not adapted for disabled users, not having the required dimension for its use on wheelchair or any other sort of help for its use.
Toilets may only be used if you disregard these conditions.

Beach Chair

There are 2 beach facilities but only the western one has use free beach wheelchair for handicapped and disabled users. The eastern one has wheelchair and tent but only available for the concession users.
You can ask the service lifeguards for the use of the wheelchair on western beach facilities and there are 2 diferent models available.