Fortaleza beach (Armação de Pêra)


The Fortaleza beach at Armação de Pêra is located by the seaside boulevard in the area of the Fortaleza, where the access is only pedestrian. It is a sandy beach, close to an urban area.

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Accessibility 7/10
Location Praia da Fortaleza, Rua da Praia - Armação de Pêra



Praia da Fortaleza is located next to the old fortress of Armação de Pêra and the acess is made through a pedestrian route. Nearby there are several restaurant and beach facilities.


Nearby the beach there are none parking spaces for handicapped and disabled users . Its advised to park somewhere else and walk to the beach.


Praia da Fortaleza is located near the seaside road of Armação de Pêra. From here the acess to the beach is made through cobblestone and tarmac floor. On the beach entrance is located the lifeguard post where the beach wheelchair for handicapped and disabled users is. The acess to the water and to the adapted public toilets are made through a boardwalk.


The adapted public toilets for handicapped and disabled users is located on the restaurant of the beach facilities building ant its dimension and supports are the required for a wheelchair user.

Beach Chair

There's one beach wheelchair for handicapped and disabled users in praia da Fortaleza, being located on the lifeguard post. Its use is free and can be handled by the user's family/friends or with the help of the lifeguards.