Barril Beach


Praia do Barril is one of the Tavira Island beaches, located west of Santa Luzia, next to the Pedras d' El Rei touristic resort, a few kilometres from Tavira and west of Tavira Island beach.

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Accessibility 5/10
Location Praia do Barril - Santa Luzia



The access to the beach is located 1300 metres away from the parking lot.
To get to the beach you have to cross Ria Formosa through a pedestrian bridge and path that cross the island in direction of the sea.
Throughout the year there's a small train that ensures the crossing. The rail line has 1000 meters long and it was built inicially to serve the former tuna fishing frame that existed on Praia do Barril.



There are 2 parking spaces for handicapped and disabled users on the begging of the acess to the beach.


There are two ways to go from the parking lot to the beach. Walking or using a small train. The total path has approximately 1300m.
Up to the train station the path is the same, having to go through a dirt track and cross a small bridge. From this point on you may go on foot or get on the train.
If you choose to take the pedstrian path you have to pay attention to the ground and the small width of the already degraded wooden path, which may be an obstacle to whhelchair useres.
To acceed the train, the train driver will help you on boarding. Arriving to the beach you will find a wooden path, being the ground made of tradtional style clay tiles, aswell as on the toilets' access.


The adapted public toilets are located on the old tuna fishing building. To get there you have to follow the signs and cross through the existing commercial area. There are a few ramps on the way there. Inside the toilets the is a booth for handicapped and disabled users and it has only the minimum equipments.

Beach Chair

There is a beach wheelchair for handicapped and disabled users and it's available on the lifeguard post, where its use must be requested.