Altura Beach


This beach is located in Altura, in the county of Castro Marim, and is often referred to as Alagoa beach.
The access is made through the urban area, where there are several cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a nice meal during your visit to this beach.

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Accessibility 5/10
Location Praia de Altura - Castro Marim



This beach is located on Castro Marim municipality in the Altura village. The beach comprises wide sand areas and the waters are warm.


There are 2 parking lot areas fited for handicapped and disabled users. The first near the beach with 2 parking space and the other near the building where the toilets are, with 4 parking spaces.


Near the parking lot the flooring is on tarmac and the beach acess is on boardwalk. To get to the lifeguard post where the wheelchair is located there is a plastic carpet.
Near the parking lot there is a ramp with high slope rate and outside the toilets the flooring is on concrete blocks.


The adapted public toilets are located on a building near the parking lot, 140 meters away from the beach entrance and near the second parking area for handicapped and disabled users. The acess is on the back of the building and through a small ramp.
It was not possible to get information on the interior of the adpated public toilets due to fact of the bathing season was over and the beach facilities were closed (soon this information will be posted here).

Beach Chair

There is one beach wheelchair for handicapped and disabled users on Praia da Altura and its use must be requested on the lifeguard post.