Alcoutim Beach


The Alcoutim river beach is the only fluvial beach in the Algarve granted the accessible beach flag.
It is a beach of still waters with a very relaxing atmosphere.
This beach is located inside the town of Alcoutim, served by the waters of a smaller river that meets the Guadiana river a few hundred metres away.
It has all the conditions to provide an excellent day at the beach for you and your family.

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Accessibility 8/10
Location Praia Fluvial de Alcoutim - Alcoutim



This is an man-made beach on a tributary of the Guadiana River. The water quality is ensure through the regular recharge of the beach. 
This beach is located on a leisure park inside Alcoutim town, where you can find some restaurants and bars.


There are 2 spots on the parking lot reserved to for handicapped and disabled users. On the access to the park there's a small step that can hamper the mobility of a wheelchair.


The access to the beach on schist flooring but unfortunately it isn't the best paving for wheelchair movement because of its roughness which makes unconfortable vibrations and sometimes even stops the pace. Help is highly advised. 
The access to the sand is through a ramp and in the beach there's a boardwalk to the water.


The adapted public toilets are located on the leisure park and easily seem due the existing signaling and to the fact that they are wooden buildings.
To get to the toilets you'll have to surpass a small ramp and they have the right dimensions and equipments for handicapped and disabled users.

Beach Chair

A beach wheelchair for handicapped and disabled users is available near the lifeguard post where you can ask for it. For its use you'll need help which you can obtain from the service lifeguard.
The wheelchair is equiped with floats allowing the user to stay on it or go out and swim freely.