Riverside Hotel


Hotel Riverside is a 4 star hotel located by the Arade river in Ferragudo. It has several rooms adapted to host disabled people, being an excellent place to spend your holidays.
All the hotel´s features, restaurant, SPA and swimming pools are accessible, allowing the entrance and use even on a wheelchair.

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Accessibility 9/10
Location Hotel Riverside - Ferragudo



Riverside hotel has several bedrooms adapted to be used by disabled users. These are large bedrooms, where you can move around easily even on a wheelchair. The bedrooms have a small terrace where you may relax. On the access there is a small ramp in order to help you overcome the gap. The bedrooms' equipments, aswell as the bathroom and closets were all thought to be accessible to everyone.


The bathroom is provided with helping bars to help on transfering from the wheelchair onto the toilet. There is a shower wheelchair that may be used inside the bathroom or outside as a way to get to the swimming pools (SPA and outside pool), once these are provided with an access ramp. The washbasin is free underneath, allowing the access on a wheelchair.


All around the Hotel there are no physical barriers, allowing people to move around without problems, even on a wheelchair. The public elevators all have a maximum capacity of 8 people, with enough room to be used even by those who use an electric wheelchair.
All remaining gaps are provided with ramps.
Only by the carpark may you find some difficulties, due to the pavement, made of portuguese traditional cobblestone.


The hotel's restaurant is located by the riverside, where you can enjoy a lovely view while having your meals.
It has a buffet area, where you may be helped by the restaurant's staff in case you may need help. If you move saround autonomously, trays are also available to the clients' use. The tables are wide and tall enough to fit a wheelchair, and allow the user to be comfortable on his own chair.
There are tables inside and outside the restaurant, being both areas totally accessible.

Swimming Pool

There are 2 swimmimg pools at the Hotel. One is located ouside by the Arade river and the other inside on the SPA area.
Both swimmimg pools are accessible by ramp, being possible its use with the bathing wheelchair you find inside the bedroom, in case you are not able to displasce yourself autonomously. If you are, there is also a handrail to help.


There is a fully equipped gym in the Hotel where you can exercise. Unfortunately there are no adapted exercise machines, and you will only be able to use those that fit your situation, if possible.


Next to the Hotel's access there are several disabled users parking places, located outside and in the garage.