Four Seasons Country Club


Four Seasons Country Club is proud of its friendly family atmosphere and high standards of comfort and service.
From the moment you arrive at Four Seasons Country Club you are welcomed with an unforgettable sense of belonging.
The main focal point of the resort is the splendid spacious clubhouse that overlooks the spectacular outdoor area.

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Accessibility 9/10
Location Four Seasons Country Club, Quinta do Lago - Almancil



There are 2 parking spaces for people with disabilities near the accesses of the Country Club, and even a private parking place near by the accessible villa of the tourist resort.

Living room/Kitchen

The living room and kitchen has a very nice decor and large enough to be used by people in wheelchairs.
The kitchen has no special modifications for use by people with disabilities.
Next to the living room, there is a porch, but for access there is a small gap ramped, which may be a slight obstacle to those in wheelchairs.
The porch access to the gardens or the house parking place is done using a ramp, and the remaining journey effected on the grass.


There is 2 rooms in the accessible villa. The rooms are confortable and one of it is spacious, were it can be placed a wheelchair in bed side, in order to help the transfers.
There is no special accessbile helps in hte rooms.


The house bathroom is equipped with shower with bench for bath and allows access to a wheelchair.
The basin can be adjusted in height, the taps are single-seaters, and the toilets are also provided with assistance to support the transfer.
The toilet area is of dimensions sufficient for use by people in wheelchairs.

Swimming Pool

There are two pools in the complex, outer (larger) and inner (smaller and can be used throughout the year).
Access to pools is done by stairs, both with handrails to assist the entry.


At Four Seasons Country club will not find any obstacle to the movement in its public spaces and leisure.
All routes are equipped with ramps, when necessary, all with minimal slopes, allowing you to independently access all the sites.
The villa is accessible, it has adapted toilet and living room / kitchen area and bedrooms are large areas that allow the use in a wheelchair, and very accommodating.
For entry in the pools there are only stairs with handrails, but there are no ramps or access platforms.

Outside Area

There are available to customers various leisure and sports equipment.




01--06 Jan/Feb                  1.113,75€
07--12 Feb/Mar                  1.262,25€
13--18 April/May                1.815,75€
19--24 May /June               1.930,50€
25--28 June/July                2.241,00€
29--34 July/Aug                  2.673,00€
35--43 Sep/Oct                   1.930,50€
44--50 Nov/Dec                   1.113,75€
51--52 Dec                          1.350,00€