Casa em Tavira - moradia V3


Both houses are located in a Farm, 1km from Tavira. One of the houses has 3 bedrooms and the other 2, both equipped with air conditioning. The garden and swimming pool are shared by the two.
The space, a walled farm just a few minutes drive from the city of Tavira and the beaches, is the ideal for families with children and/or pets.
The farm's big outdoor area has a lawn, kitchen garden, parking, barbecue and of course the swimming pool.
Close to Praia do Barril and Tavira Island.
It is an excellent solution for 2 families of friends, namely for the possibility to enjoy all the outside areas in complete safety, due to the fact that this is a private walled estate.
Right next to the estate, you have the extre comfort of having a typical algarvian restaurant, which may help you with all sorts of solutions for your meals.
During your stay, there will always be someone at your service, at the distance of a simple phone call, ensuring the best possible quality and tranquility.
This analysis only regards the 3 bedroom house.

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Accessibility 7.5/10
Location EN 125, Tavira - Tavira




Living room / Kitchen

Outside area

Swiming pool